Children, the regular ones and the grand ones

My birth day is all about me, but I am “me” due to more than just my me-ness. I frequently post on Facebook about my dog, walking, knitting. Those things are important to me of course. I don’t talk about my family as much maybe partly because I only have 1/3 of children and 2/9 grandchildren close by. I couldn’t give equal time to the other 2 regulars and 7 grands. Maybe I don’t post about them as much either because they are so special to me. I want to brag about them all and let you know how special they are, but maybe not too often. I want to keep them mostly to myself.

He probably won’t read this unless someone points it out to him, but yes, they are our children and our grandchildren. Thank you Carl. But I will probably be referring to them as my children here. Just because.


Not a great picture of a picture I know. I’ll try to come up with a better one. Don’t try to enlarge, that just makes it worse.

I have 2 daughters and 1 son. What would I do without them? They are my joy and my inspiration. They are all successful and talented and all married extremely well. I have no complaints. I am so fortunate.

I have 9 grandchildren, 5 boys and 4 girls.

1 and 2 are twin boys, age 15. They live close to me. They mow my yard. When they come over for a meal we have grilled cheese sandwiches, sometimes now they make the sandwiches, Pringles, something sweet. We sometimes play games, Poker, Gin, a board game called Labyrinth. They don’t have cable at their house, we sometimes watch America’s Funniest Videos or some other silly similar thing.

3 is a girl, age 15. She loves horses and Adam Lambert. She has loved horses for a long time. She can crochet. Yay!

4 is a boy, age 13. He is kind and thoughtful and polite and is a great hugger. When I talked to him on the phone this morning when we were done he said, the babies want to talk to you now, #7 and 8 below. They will always be the babies in their family, forever and ever I think.

5 is a boy, almost age 9. He is the middle of the pack of 9, we share the month of November as our birthday month. He looks like a blonde Harry Potter.

6 is a girl, age 6.75. She is the only really petite person in our family. She looks the most like her Aunt Suzy I think. She has tried knitting and we will try again. She and her little sister, #9 below, like to play with their Barbies and she also likes to play video games along side her almost 9 year old brother, #5 above.

7 is a boy, age 6. He looks just like his dad did when he was a little guy and seems to have the same sense of mischief.

8 is a girl, age 4.5. She has beautiful brown eyes and brown hair in a field of blondes. If she and her 6 year old brother lived closer I’d be in heaven because I could read bedtime stories to them frequently.

9 is a girl, age 2.75. She has beautiful blonde curls and also loves to be read to and is very high spirited.

All 9 are brilliant and gorgeous and have the best parents in the world. Those parents will be sure to alert me to any mis-information I have provided here.

New Blog

I post on Facebook but I decided to restart blogging. I’ll find it easier to find previous posts here. Maybe I’ll write daily, probably not, as the mood strikes.

For now, here’s a┬árandom picture or two. Quilts, all quilts. I haven’t used a sewing machine in about 3 years.

cherry2IMG_0485 IMG_0479 001